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Sofia Plantan

McAllen, Texas, USA

Sofia Took Bangla Class for Six Months And Here's What Happened!

Sofia is a six years old lovely smart girl who lives in McAllen, Texas, with her parents. Having a family of transracial parents, Sofia got the best of both countries – Bangladesh and the USA. Her mother is Bangladeshi. But it was Sofia’s father who encouraged her in Bangla learning. 

He introduced Sofia to her new Bangla teacher Trishun. She started taking her classes six months ago and fell in love with the joy of the Bangla language and culture.

Here’s what happened after her six months of Bangla learning experience…

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Sofia Took Bangla Class for Six Months And Here's What Happened!

Sofia is a lovely and smart six year old girl who lives in McAllen, Texas with her parents and her older brother.

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