10 Bengali Food You Should Introduce to Your Child

We Bengalis have been food lovers from birth! The tradition of love for foods is heretically flowing in our veins. Compared with famous foods worldwide, our beloved motherland stands no less for well recognizable foods. All the 64 districts of Bangladesh have created their places in our hearts for their distinct types of food. However, some food gained so much recognition that its fame spread all over Bangladesh. Even many countries around the world adore those foods. Now, let’s discuss 10 of those Bengali foods.

1. Panta-Ilish

Panta-Ilish is that kind of food that we blurt out when it comes to the celebration of Pohela Boishakh or Bangla New Year in our mind. Our celebration of Pohela Boishakh remains incomplete and dull without Ilish Vaja (Hilsa fry), Morich Pora (Grilled chili), Begun Vaja (Eggplant fry), Alu Vorta (Mashed potato), and Panta-Ilish (Fermented rice) feast. However, we eat Ilish Mach (Hilsha fish) along with Panta vat, Shutki Mach (Dried fish), Achar (Pickle), Dal (Soup of peas), Kacha Morich (Green chili), Peyaj Kuchi (Chopped Onion) all over the year in Bangladesh.

2. Biryani

It may seem impossible to find a Bengali food lover who doesn’t like Biryani or Polao. This food is prepared by combining aromatic rice or basmati and different seasonings and beef or mutton. However, listening to the term Biryani, all that appears in our head is Haji Biriyani stall located in old Dhaka. This well-reputed biryani house has been giving its services since the centennial. But Biryani is not only familiar in old Dhaka but also admired throughout Bangladesh. Bundiya Polao, Mutton biryani, Aromatic white rice with beef, etc., are the most popular Biryani Polao in old Dhaka. Maintaining popularity, some food houses of old Dhaka remain the same with their traditional continuance, like- Haji Biryani of Qazi Alauddin road, Nanna Biryani from Becharam Deuri, Shah Saheber Polau from Chalkbazar, etc. The enchanting fragrance of Biryani and Polau of old Dhaka will impose you to taste them. You may have had much Biryani in your life but will never forget the taste of Haji’s Biryani.

3. Bakorkhani

Bakorkhani is a food that has a huge fan base in Bangladesh and around the world. Old Dhaka and Bakorkhani are deeply connected. Rumour says that Bakorkhani is named after a landlord Aga Bakir Kha. Bakorkhani is one kind of bread found in two types, sweet and salty. The main ingredients of Bakorkhani are cornflour/flour, oil, and salt. The residents of old Dhaka still keep Bakorkhani in their daily meals. They eat Bakorkhani with different types of items. But all above Bakorkhani is mostly taken with milk tea. If you live in Dhaka or visit Dhaka, don’t forget to try Bakorkhani

4. Mejban Gorur Mangsho (Mejban Beef)

Mejban is a formal occasion in Chittagong. They show hospitality and amuse guests through different types of delicious beef curry. This eminent Mejbani Beef is mouthwatering indeed. Whoever tried this specially processed beef surely its taste will stick to their mouth. So, you have to go to the port city Chittagong to grab Mejban’s taste. However, authentic Mejban can be found in some of the restaurants in Dhaka.

5. The Curd of Bogura

Hearing curd, the first thing that strikes in our mind is the curd that belongs to Bogura. Bogura is famous for curd, which holds very standard quality and a delicious relish.
This delicious curd which is made in Bogura’s traditional way, is incomparable. This curd remained in the food chart of Bengali’s even before the partition of Bengal. There is no companion for Bogura’s curd in welcoming guests and dearest persons. There won’t be any occasion in Bogura where Bogura’s curd is not served.

6. Porabarir Chomchom

Tangail’s Porabarir Chomchom is one of the most popular sweets among all the sweet stuff found in Bangladesh for its unique taste and smell. This sweet has its fame cherished all over the world. At the top of this crimson-colored sweet sprinkles of icing sugar are added, and inside of this sweet may find a soft and juicy texture. It has been well-reputed even before the origin of Tangail.

7. Shutki Vorta ( Mashed Dried Fish)

Shutki Vorta ( Mashed Dried Fish) is one kind of Vorta containing dried fish as its main ingredients. Initially, the tradition of eating Shutki Vorta may be found in the tribes of coastal areas, but its popularity spread all over the country. The taste of Shutki Vorta varies from place to place. This taste depends on the ingredients used and the skill and proficiency of the chef. Shutki Vorta can be made with different types of Shutki, but comparatively small and soft shutki is best for Shutki Vorta. First, dried fish is rinsed with water, and then it is fried in oil. And then mashed or crushed shutki is made using a pestle. And then, it is mixed with salt, onions, fried dry red chili or green chili, and mustard oil. The tradition of eating Shutki Vorta has been continued for a long time. Including Pohela Boishakh shutki vorta has been consumed with Panta vat or warm rice all over the year.

8. Chingri Macher Malaikari

Chingri Macher Malaikari is made with large shrimps or prawns. The dish of coconut soup mixed up with shrimp makes a very delicious food item. You may have the taste of Chingri Macher Malaikari at home, but if you want to taste the authentic Chingrir Malaikari, then you have to visit Shatkhira, Barishal, or coastal areas.

9.Comilla's Ras Malai

Not only Bangladesh Ras malai is one of the most popular sweets in western Asia. But when it comes to Ras malai, it reminds us of Comilla. We all have heard about the fame of Ras malai from Matri Vandar in Comilla. Not just in Bangladesh, it’s been renowned internationally as a Geographical Indication (GI) product.

10. Variations of Pitha

Pitha-Puli belongs to a large area in Bengali tradition. This culture is still cherished in villages. In winter, the celebration of Pitha Utshob is held across the country, and in cities and towns, eating Pitha-puli becomes the trend. Indeed Pitha is in the favorite food items list of all the Bengalis, from kids to elders. There are many types of Pitha in different shapes and tastes. Some Pitha tastes sweet, some are spicy, and even some Pitha tastes sour. Some of the delicious and most popular Pitha are.

a) Vapa Pitha

Food lovers are fond of Vapa Pitha, making its popularity on the top. In winter, this Pitha is cooked in all the houses of the villages. And in cities, Vapa Pitha has been sold in every alley. 

b) Chitoi Pitha

Both Bangladesh and East Bengal have been called the origin of Chitoi Pitha. Round and flattened-shaped Chitoi pitha is just delicious. 

c) Nokshi Pitha

Nokshi Pitha may be found in various types in Bangladesh, but Voirob’s Nokshi Pitha is the most popular. Before frying in oil, this Pitha has been designed using toothpicks or needles, or knives. Sometimes different types of moulds can also be found in shops for Nokshi Pitha. 

On the other hand, various Pithas are found, such as Puli Pitha, Patisapta, Pantua, Kushli, Pithas of Date juice, Khir Kuli, Golap full Pitha, Teler Pitha, Shema Pitha, etc. are also in the list of food lovers.

Similarly, various types of foods may be found in every corner of Bangladesh like this. Some of these contain a hundred years old tradition, and some are even older.

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