5 Easy Ways to Teach Your Child Bangla

Mother language is a subtle portion of our hearts to express our feelings to communicate. Sometimes, we may need to leave the motherland but we can’t leave our soul language. It always blooms in our hearts. But, children who grow up abroad usually talk in immigrant languages. 

Parents often suffer a lot to teach them Bangla. Remember, learning Bangla is as hard for them as you learned the immigrant language for the first time. 

So, are you one of those parents? The good news is we are going to show you 5 easy ways that can help you to teach your children Bangla. 

1. Use Songs and Nursery Rhyme to Build Phonemic Awareness:

Children love to hear songs or rhymes, no matter what the language of it. They enjoy the tempo of the songs. And it is also a way of learning in a fun way. The rhyme and rhythm help kids to hear the sounds and syllables in words, which helps them learn to read. A good way to build phonemic awareness. is to clap rhythmically together and recite songs in unison.

2. Create the Bangla Cultural Environment

Here in the native, we are used to the culture and speaking Bangla with others. This situation is hardly found abroad. So, it’s very important to talk with your children about some of the Bangla words and tell some Bangla fairy stories

3. Make Colorful Cards with Bangla Words:

Cut out simple cards and write a word containing three sounds on each one (e.g. cow, cat, mango, magpie, sun, pot). Invite your child to choose a card, then read the word together and hold up three fingers. Ask them to say the first sound they hear in the word, then the second, and then the third. This simple activity requires little preparation time and builds essential phonics and decoding skills. If your child is just starting out with learning the letters of the alphabet, focus on the sound each letter makes, more so than letter names.

4. Watch Bangla Movies or Natok

By watching movies or natok your child will be able to hear and understand Bangla fully. Hearing how certain words are pronounced will help them to remember and memorize the sounds. Reading is definitely helpful in improving their Bangla but hearing how to speak Bangla is also equally important.

5. Be patient: The Best Way to Teach Kids to Read is to Make it Fun!

Every child learns at his or her own pace, so always remember the single most important thing you can do is to make it enjoyable. You may give some rewards or make him/her favorite food for every achievement while learning Bangla. Learning a language is a long process. So, by reading regularly, mixing things up with the activities you choose, and letting your child pick out their own books occasionally, the early love of reading and give them the best chance at reading success in no time.

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