How to teach your child Bangla when you live outside Bangladesh

How to Teach Your Child Bangla When You Live Outside Bangladesh

If you live outside Bangladesh, it can assume that your child is not so comfortable with Bengali. So teaching Bangla can be a little complicated for them. However, there are some efficient ways to follow which can generate the foundation for learning Bengali.

The type of learning varies depending on the kind of language used. If you have to be specific about saying and understanding, then it is of one kind. If you have to do well in the academic sector, then the process of learning is of another type. But if you are ahead in one, you will not have to worry too much about the other.

However, since you live outside Bangladesh, the first type will be more effective in your case.

There are several effective ways of learning Bangla in daily life. The tasks can be done one by one, and also you can learn good Bengali from English in less time by doing all of them together. But there is no replacement for time to acquire good skills. You have to give time. However, you can teach your child Bangla by following some ways.

Here are Some Ways to Learn a Language:

  • You need to practice learning a language, and to be successful, you need to practice speaking Bangla with your child at home.
  • While at home, instruct your child in Bangla in daily work, and name the objects in Bangla.
  • Introduce your child to a Bengali dictionary on your device to learn new words on their own and encourage them to create new sentences using new words. The more meaning your child can remember, the heavier his vocabulary will be. There is a term in English, “Mnemonics” This technique is quite helpful to enrich the language. You can teach the child to translate as well. Incorporate translation and vocabulary into your child’s routine. Every day so that the child does little by little at his convenience. It will work great!
  • Let the child enjoy various literature, movies, and music in Bangla. Because the more children listen, the more they learn.
  • Visit Bangladesh at least once a year so that your children can understand local people’s lifestyles and can connect the Bangla language and Bangla culture to themselves.
  • In addition, you can take the “Amar Vasha” service from an organization called Tinkers Technologies Limited to help your child learn Bengali. In this service, teachers teach Bangla to their children online through one-to-one tutoring. This is a paid service.

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