10 Interesting Facts About Bengali Tradition Your Child Should Know

1. Country of Seasons

Can you say how many seasons you have experienced in your country? Two or four? Most countries usually experience four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall/autumn. However, Bangladesh is the only county with six seasons: summer (grisma, in Bengali), monsoon (barsa), autumn (sharat), late autumn (hemanta), winter (shit), and spring (basanta). Each season has different weather, color, flowers, fruits which makes our country more beautiful.

2. Country of Festivals

If you come to Bangladesh you will see we are celebrating festivals. Time of the year doesn’t matter. Do you know why? Bangladesh is a country of festivals. We like to celebrate every occasion: Eid, puja, christmas, nobanno, pohela boishakh and so many. People like to celebrate these days with their family and friends.

3. Largest Mangrove Forest

The Royal Bengal tiger is Bangladesh’s national animal. So, the habitat of them should be royal as well, right? Well, you can see them only (except zoo) in “Sundarban”, world’s largest mangrove forest. Many other species also live here in harmony. Most interesting fact about sundarban is, every year it protects Bangladesh from cyclones that occur on the Bay of Bengal.

4. Longest Sea Beach

Enjoying holidays hearing the sound of the waves and the glorious view of the distant horizon in the sea beach, who can ignore that? Well, you are welcome to have an amazing experience in the world’s longest sea beach “Cox’s Bazar”. You can spend a relaxing time with your family members while watching the sun set.

5. Tajingdong & Keokradong

Do you like to see nature from a higher point? Then you should visit the highest points of Bangladesh “ Tajingdong” & “ Keokradong.”  Fresh oxygen while enjoying the blue sky and clouds, no one should miss this.

6. Jamdani

Have you seen “Jamdani Saree”? They are made of high quality cotton muslin, which is very thin and soft, making the saree very light and airy. Jamdani sarees are characterised by eye-catching ornamental motifs woven onto the fabric. They have been produced for centuries only in Bangladesh.

7. Nakshi Kantha

Famous artists have a way of expressing their feelings through painting. But people of Bangladesh, especially rural women, express their story through unique artistic patterns: Nakshi Kantha. It’s a type of embroidered quilt which is a centuries old Bengali art tradition. Every quilt carries a beautiful story of the person who stitches it. Flowers, elephants, and villages come to life with stitches.

8. Rickshaw

You can occasionally see rickshaws in India, Japan, china. However, in the land of rickshaws, Bangladesh, rickshaws can be seen on your left and right (along with cars). The shape of rickshaw in Bangladesh is very unique with three wheels. Though only two people can sit in one rickshaw, enjoying the outside view and breeze with speed is really worth it.

9. Lathi Khela

Who doesn’t like the fight scene among superheroes? In Bangladesh villages, you can see such fights. Well, not among superheroes but as a game. Bamboo sticks which are known as “Lathi” in bangla are used in this game. Matches are generally one-on-one. They move the stick with the beat of folk music not to hurt others but to entertain the audience.

10. Gorur Gari

Cow gives us meat, milk; but did you know they can also pull a curt? In villages of Bangladesh you can see cows pull a curt with two wheels which has a shed over it. This is known as “Gorur Gari”. A long time ago people used to use that as transport to move from one place to another. But now gorur gari is very rare to see, even in villages.

Those are the main reasons why NRB kid finds Bangla difficult but it doesn’t mean they can’t learn Bangla. If we can make them interested in Bangla then they will easily improve learning. For increasing their interest we can make them listen to Bangla songs/ poems from an early age, we can use Bangla as a secret language at home which will increase their curiosity for Bangla. Give them more time to earn and teach them slowly, never laugh at them when they use the wrong bangle sentence structure, it will encourage you to learn Bangla. Because in reality, Bangla is not a hard language to learn, but it’s the sweetest one!! Just give your kid enough time to learn and they will really enjoy speaking it.

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